Selina Morgan-Gayle


Selina provides public speaking on Mediation and the steps she has incorporated to a successful Time, Location and Financial Freedom.

Selina is passionate about informing individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs about the steps to leading to success and living life on your terms. Her talks are focused on her personal experiences, business experience and legal knowledge. Selina has also provided talks to the younger generation of secondary school age, as she believes it is important for the future generation to be equipped from a early age on the steps to success, the necessary growing mindset and the legal knowledge to be a success in business and in life.

If you want Selina to speak on any of the above topics or you have a particular topic you wish for Selina to discuss click the button below!

“The Students thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and learned about Mediation as a career choice within the legal profession. All the students felt inspired by your presentation, several students said how wonderful it would be to spend a full day shadowing you at work. Others said I really enjoyed it, it was informative. We look forward to inviting you again in the near future, on behalf of the staff and students at Walthamstow Academy, thank you so much.”

Walthamstow Academy