Selina Morgan-Gayle

About Selina

Selina Was born and raised in Edmonton London, UK and is the middle child of 4 siblings. She has 2 older sisters, 1 younger sister and brother. Whilst growing up she watched her mum work 3 jobs and still make time to be at home when she travelled to and returned home from school.

With seeing how her mum worked hard and still being a hands on mum, it was important that when she became a mother to her son in 2011. Selina could restore these same values as a parent.

It was from a very young age she realised that their were 2 interests that brought her great passion and enjoyment 1. Knowledge, especially in law and 2. Singing. This led her to study law and perform in dance shows, competitions and a theatre performance.

Selina has worked 4 jobs in her life that has given her a great experience, but it was after her last job that she really started to acknowledge that she no longer wanted to exchange time for money and work towards someone else’s dreams. After being made redundant at her last job, Selina took that as initiative to start her own Mediation business, to work on her own dreams and in 2014 SMG Mediation Ltd was born. This is where she gained more control of how she was spending her time and grew a greater passion for knowledge and helping others through legal disputes using Mediation. This enabled Selina to use her singing ability in her mediation services when doing public speaking and short information videos. That’s where Selina would say her journey began as an Entrepreneur.

At that time Selina quickly understood how refreshing it was to have a business of her own, with her name above the door. She also realised how challenging it was to gain clients in a industry that was still upcoming in the UK and having to attend many networking events to be noticed as a Mediator. It was then she realised the need for a bigger team, that would virtually assist her in her business to make her more money and free up her time. She went online and met a mentor who assisted her on how to enhance her mediation business, whilst still creating a second income on the side. This gave her more quality time to spend with her son and have the luxury to take him and collect him from school.

Selina has become a coach and Mentor to others by sharing her valued knowledge through quotes and short videos, to entrepreneurs, existing business owners, individuals with jobs, and individuals who wish to start a new business on their path to success.

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