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Selina Morgan-Gayle


Mediator | Public Speaker | Coach | Online Marketer

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Success = Mindset + Growth

The initial steps to having a happy successful life is having the correct Mindset and Growing that Mindset to take Action through all the obstacles you will not only face in business but in all areas of your life, which will enhance your rewards throughout your journey!

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About Selina

Selina Morgan-Gayle has over 10 years+ legal academia and experience, with the passion and knowledge for law and helping Individuals and Businesses in their legal disputes.

She is the CEO and Founder of SMG Mediation limited that provides Settlement through Mediation with Guidance to Individuals and businesses facing Civil, Commercial, Workplace and Employment Disputes. Selina is a Member of numerous prestigious panels, Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn, Civil Mediation Council, City Disputes Panel, Chartered Institute of Arbitration, ADR-ODR International and the Mediation Awareness Group.

Selina’s Mission is to impact the lives of Individuals, Businesses and Entrepreneurs by resolving their legal disputes through Mediation. To Train, develop and Inspire Individuals, Businesses and Entrepreneurs by coaching them how to live a life of Success, by creating the right Mindset and growing that mindset to have a business. That allows you to create systems to live life on your terms, to have a fulfilling life of Financial, Location and Time Freedom……Read More

If you have a passion to take control of your life

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Selina provides a 1: 1 personal coaching in daily or weekly sessions of 30 to 60 minutes, proven marketing sales funnels, 100 risk free 30 day Money back guarantee.


Selina provides a steps to success system that can fit around your existing business, existing jobs or if you want to start a new business.



Selina gives public speaking on Mediation and the steps she has incorporated to a successful Time, Location and Financial Freedom.


With over 10 years plus in legal academia and experience Selina understands legal disputes and is confident she will resolve the dispute through mediation in a day. Do Have a legal dispute and want to save costs and time?

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